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ChangXin market lucky draw software is one special designed software for those lucky draw events in Mall, Supermarket and other similar cases. This software is easy to use and powerful.


  • Five different lucky draw methods, including flush, turn over cards, smash egg, roulette and rolling card. (Standard version has only flush method)



  • Able to control the winning by adjusting award quota and winning probability. For instance, set to have one winner of the first grade award each day, set the winning probability as 1%.
  • Able to set the winners of each day to a specific number. For instance, set to generate three winners of first grade award in today. (No need any settings, software would automatically assign the winning averagely.)
  • Able to appoint the winner, i.e. let Mr. A win the first grade award, Mr. B win the second grade award. (This feature is developed for entertaining purpose only, do not use for any illegal purpose, otherwise the user will take all consequences.)



  • Able to adjust size, font, color, position, event content and etc. of each component.
  • Able to adjust the background music, support multiple format, including but not limited to wav\mp3\wma etc.
  • Able to set award, picture of prize, no quota limitation.
  • Full screen display self-adoption. Program would adopt automatically no matter you use normal or wide screen, no scale of interface, ensure a good display output.



  • Lucky draw auto-recovery function. In case of encountering any incident shut down or quit (i.e. power failure), able to resume to previous process and continue performing lucky draw event by re-start program.
  • Able to set passcode to protect settings, prevent any unauthorized change to settings.


  Standard Version Ultimate Version
Basic function All version supported All version supported
Flashing All version supported All version supported
Card Standard version not supported Ultimate version supported
Smash egg Standard version not supported Ultimate version supported
Roulette Standard version not supported Ultimate version supported
Rolling card Standard version not supported Ultimate version supported
Price $99 $199


Demo veido (view in Youtube)


Software screenshot


flashing draw
flashing draw

when win
when win

turn over cards
turn over cards

turn over cards when win
turn over cards when win

smash egg
smash egg

smash egg when win
smash egg when win


Rolling card
Rolling card

Check the records
Check the records

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