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Use StockViewerAtOffice watching stocks while working.

If you worried about whether the stock is going up or not. But it's working time. Take out your phone and have a look? I'm afraid to be found by leaders/colleagues. What should I do?

StockViewerAtOffice is specially designed for the shareholders of office workers. With it, you can pay attention to your stock at any time, so you don't have to worry about being found.

1. You can add stocks of interest.
2. The stock market is updated in real time, accurate and timely.
3. Full of confidentiality, just click anywhere else on the screen, the interface can be hidden immediately.
4. The system tray works and is not displayed in the taskbar.
5. Can change software icon, full of secrecy.
6. You can use shortcut keys to call out and hide stocks.
7. Super easy to use, ready to install. Office workers must choose sharp tools to see stocks.

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StockViewerAtOffice screenshot

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